Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Linked List : Latihan T/F and soalan pendek

Soalan T/F : Jawab Betul atau salah
1.The last node in a linked list is not necessarily NULL (T/F)
2.    Any item can be achieved regardless of its position in the list (T/F)
3.    Head node will keep the same content as the information of other nodes in the list (T/F)
4.    A __________________ is an aggregation of atomic and composite data types into a set with defined relationships.
5.    A ________________ node is a data structure that contains metadata about the list, such as a count, a head pointer to the first node and a rear pointer to the last node.
6.    The nodes in the linked list are called ______________ structures, which each instance of the structure contains a pointer to another instance of the same structural type.
7.    Linear list can be divided into two categories, ____________________ and restricted.
8.    The pointer to the beginning of the list is known as a _________________.

Soalan Pendek 
9.    Give two examples for each atomic and composite data types in C programming language.

10.  Give two statements related to data structure definition?

11.  What does it means by the concept of Abstract Data Type?